Sagi Snir                      שגיא   שניר
Institute of Evolution

Research Interests

My research is focused on mathematical and algorithmic solutions to problems in bioinformatics, in particular in the field of evolutionary tree reconstruction (phylogenetics). The tools we use are from fields such as combinatorial optimization, statistics and probability, mathematics, and information theory. Our research is characterized by ample collaborations with researchers from broad disciplines under the general framework of a systematic analysis of evolutionary processes aiming at finding biologically significant patterns. See detailed research statement.

In particular, I am interested in the following problems:

  1. Supertree Methods for Large Scale Phylogenetic Reconstruction.
  2. Analytical Detection of Horizontal Transfer.
  3. Convex Recoloring.
  4. Universal PaceMaker of Genome Evolution and Aging.
  5. Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic Reconstruction.
  6. Hadamard Conjugation.
See projects list for details on these projects.
Sagi SnirDepartment of Evolutionary & Environmental BiologyUniversity of Haifa