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Set and Costume Design, Puppet Theatre, Theatre Production
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Tal Itzhaki graduated from the College of Art Teachers in Ramat Hasharon and the Department of Theatre arts of Tel Aviv University. She has taught art and theatre design at Tel Aviv Museum, the Department of Theatre Arts of Tel Aviv University, the College of Art Teachers in Ramat Hasharon, and is Head of Design at the Department of Theatre, University of Haifa and teaches theatre design at the Wizo-Canada College of Design, Haifa.

Itzhaki has designed sets, costumes and puppets for over a hundred shows in all major theatre companies in Israel. Among others, she designed sets and costumes for Inherit the Wind, Rosmersholm, You Can't Take It With You, When the Omlette Touches the Salad, Montserrat, and Antigone at the Haifa Municipal Theatre, Voyages at TheCameri Theatre, Ephraim Returns to the Army and Nightmare Song at Zavta, Tel Aviv; Selling Only, at Neve Tsedek Theatre , Tel Aviv; Coffee Please at Tmu-na Movement Theatre; Odyssinbad ,The Explosion at Ahalan Street, Step on a Crack, and Lea'h's Boots at the Orna Porat Children and Youth Theatre; Mench Meier, Tullie's Follies, Top Girls,A rat in the Skull, and The Hands of Galathea at the Library Theatre, Ramat Gan; The Indepence Night of Mr Israel Sheffi at the Be'er Sheva Theatre; A Woman from the Earth (Best Design Award), The Pledge,Cecilia, Christina, Cornelia and All the Rest ,A Train in Bavaria, Women in Parliament and Abir at the Akko Festival; The Tempest, A Key Girl and And We Stayed Alone at the Haifa Festival of Children Theatre; Uga, Uga, Uga at Matan, Tel Aviv; Erica's Orchard, at the Teatronetto Festival; Roots and Refugees at the Zavta Festival of Short Plays, Extasy, Medea at the Israeli Classical Ballet, Terminal One, Epikourus, Bag Without Violence at the Bat-Dor Dance Company; , The House of Bernarda Alba at the Al-Midan Theatre; Qatr al Nada (based on Samih al-Qassim's poem) at the YOAD company, The Curse of the Starving Class, A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Rashomon , Neaptide, Fen, A Boy's Life, Beautiful Thing, The Donahue Sisters and The Parkers, Getting out, The Workshop, The Killing of Sister George, Telemachus Clay, The Silver Tassie, at Beit Zvi; Men in the Sun, The Lost Princess, and Circles at Tel Aviv University; Vi, Dusa, Stas ans Fish, Men in the Sun at Seminar Hakibbutzim; Blood Wedding at the Community Theatre, Taibeh; This Property is condemned at Thelma Yelin Drama School.
She designed costumes, among others, for Temporary Separation at the Habimah National Theatre; Kennedy's Children at Beit Zvi, and the two first programs of the Eskesta Dance Theatre at the University of Haifa.
At the University of Haifa she designed the set for The Crucible, Ouri, 50 Years Old, Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night's Dream", The Conduct of Life,Fear and Hope of the State, The Trojan Women, The Odd Couple.
Itzhaki has also translated several plays from the English, among them Sarah Daniels' Neaptide, Ann Devlin's Ourselves Alone, David Hare's Secret Rupture, Howard Korder's A Boy's Life, Geraldine Aron's The Donahue Sisters and The Parkers, Jonathan Harvey's Beautiful Thing, Arnold Wesker's Shylock, Pirandello's Henry IV. Sue Glover's Bondagers, Fornes' The Conduct of Life.
Itzhaki is the secretary of A.M.B.I. - the Israeli Association of Stage Designers, and designed and treasured the Israeli exhibition of Stage Design at the Prague Quadrienalle in 1991, 1995, and 1999. Delivered papers on scenography and scene design at professional and academic conferences, among others in Seoul, Canterbury and Prague. She is a founder member of "The Union of Creators in the Theatre," and one of the founders of the "Fringe Centre" in Tel Aviv, where she serves as a member of the artistic committee.

Twelfth Night, University of Haifa
Set by Tal Itzhaki

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Tal Itzhaki at OISTAT meeting, Anwerpen, October 1999 (with Kazue Hatano, Peter Ruthven Hall)

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