Journal of Theatre and Drama

First and founding Editor:
The Late
Chaim Shoham

Avraham Oz

Associate Editor:
Glendyr Sacks

Advisory Board:
Glenda Abramson, University of Oxford;
Arnold Aronson, Columbia University;
Ahuva Belkin, Tel Aviv University;
Catherine Belsey, University of Cardiff;
Herbert Blau, University of Washington;
Sue-Ellen Case, UCLA;
Maurice Charney, Rutgers University;
Ephraim David,University of Haifa;
Keir Elam, University of Florence;
Dwora Gilula, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem;
Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University;
Jay L. Halio, University of Delaware;
Terence Hawkes, University of Cardiff;
Margo Hendricks, University of California, Santa Cruz;
Hannan Hever, Tel Aviv University;
Lindsay Kaplan, Georgetown University;
Dennis Kennedy, Trinity College, Dublin;
Tetsuo Kishi, Kyoto University;
Akiko Kusunoki, Tokyo Women's Christian University ;
Richard Levin, State University of New York, Stony Brook;
Jerzy Limon, University of Gdansk;
Ania Loomba, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
Martin Orkin, University of Haifa;
Menahem Perry, Tel Aviv University;
Ada Rapoport-Albert, University College, London;
Jacob Raz, Tel Aviv University;
Denis Salter, McGill University;
James Shapiro, Columbia University;
Alan Sinfield, University of Sussex;
Randall Stevenson, University of Edinburgh;
Ronald Vince, McMaster University;
A. B. Yehoshua, University of Haifa

Cover Design:
Tal Itzhaki

ISSN: 0792-9803 Copyright 1996 by the Department of Theatre, University of Haifa JTD, Journal of Theatre and Drama, is published annually by Haifa University Press.
All editorial correspondence, articles and books for review, as well as advertisements and subscription matters should be sent to the following address:
JTD, Department of Theatre, University of Haifa, Mount Carmel, 31905 Haifa, Israel. Fax:+972-4-8249714;
e-mail: jtd@research.haifa.ac.il

Contributors are advised to consult JTD - Notes for Contributors prior to sending their contribution.

Call for Papers

This is a call for papers for JTD (Journal of Theatre and Drama), published annually by the University of Haifa, in English. The deadline for vol.7 (2001), to be published by the end of February 2002, is 31st July, 2001. Contributions on all topics related to Theatre and drama are welcome.

Back issues of JTD (please click on issue no. to view contents):

JTD vol 1, 1995

JTD vol 2, 1996

JTD vol 3, 1997

JTD vol 4, 1998

JTD vol 5-6, 1999-2000

JTD vol 7, 2001

JTD vol 8, 2002

Index to JTD, vols 1, 1995 - 5-6, 1999-2000

JTD was initiated by our late colleague Chaim Shoham, who sadly died of heart attack while working on the first issue. He meant it to be a major organ devoted exclusively to Jewish Theatre and Drama (hence the acronym JTD): "its agenda," he wrote in his programmatic preface to the first issue, "is designed to cover a great variety of themes and issues concerning the history, aesthetics and poetics of Jewish theatre and drama, a field arousing growing interest, but to which no regular organ of academic research has been exclusively devoted so far... JTD will raise various issues... from the cultural aspects of a national stage to the international deployment of Jewish theatrical activity."

Following the publication of the first issue, edited by him, we have decided to go on publishing the journal as a tribute to his spiritual and academic heritage. However, we felt the exclusive insistence on Jewish and Israeli theatre too restrictive. We have therefore decided to broaden the scope of our publication to all topics related to theatre and drama. A particular stress will be laid on Jewish drama and theatre, whereby we will retain Chaim Shoham's vision of an academic organ of which a central aim will be to further the areas of study he described in his preface to the first issue. We will therefore retain the title of the journal as devised by him, though the acronym JTD will now indicate the broader scope of this publication, namely Journal of Theatre and Drama. It will be published annually (on the month of November) by the Department of Theatre of the University of Haifa (which he initiated as well).

In its present form, then, JTD publishes articles dealing with historical and theoretical aspects of performance, theatre and drama. It offers a forum for the investigation of positive relationships between the language of theory and the language of theatrical practice. JTD takes as its premise that the vocabulary of text and performance may be developed and enhanced by the scrutiny of theatrical analysis; likewise, that theatrical analysis needs to expand its discourse to include the expressive, gestural and dynamic language which governs the principles of live performance.

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Department of Theatre
University of Haifa
Mt. Carmel, 31905 Haifa, Israel
Tel. +972-4-8240715
Fax: +972-4-8240128
e-mail: jtd@research.haifa.ac.il

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